Brooklyn – A world of a City

New York City has five boroughs, of which Brooklyn is one.  The East River borders it, separating it from Manhattan. It’s mainly surrounded by water, because the Upper and Lower New York Bay, the Atlantic Ocean, and Jamaica Bay surround it. There are three bridges that connect Brooklyn to Manhattan and one is called the Brooklyn Bridge. This famous bridge has been influenced by the Hegelian philosophy applied to the engineering of the bridge. [1]. Brooklyn also has an underwater vehicular tunnel [2], rapid transit tubes, and parkways to whisk you away to other places. Another bridge, the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge connects Brooklyn with Staten Island, another borough. Brooklyn is both an industrial area and a residential area, so you can imagine it handles vast traffic loads. It makes sense to figure that it is the most populous of the boroughs.

It’s got heaps to offer people looking for fun, entertainment, eateries, hotels, and more

There are some very hip neighborhoods too, in Brooklyn. If you walk across the magnificent bridge or take the subway from Manhattan, you reach all those neighborhoods with all their hip restaurants, hotels – in fact, you won’t want for anything here – you will find all you need. And if you just want to unwind, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is near. Buy some lunch at heaps of outdoor venues and head over to Prospect Park for a picnic. Once you’ve boosted your energy, we have tell you a bit more about just 5 top Brooklyn attractions for you before you leave Brooklyn –

  1. Brooklyn Bridge – of course, it’s a masterpiece and a world-famous skyline. Take a pic to show you were there. And if you were wondering if you can walk on the bridge, there is a pedestrian walkway above the roar of the traffic underneath – a wonderful stroll that will take you about half an hour to walk – don’t forget the photos!
  1. Brooklyn Botanic Garden: Escape from the city and get lost in this magical world of nature at its most glorious; 52 acres of peaceful bliss. Choose to wander in the Fragrance Garden or the Cherry Esplanade, the herb garden, or the Magnolia Plaza, amongst some others. You might just want to plan your visit to the Sakura Matsuri Festival in the spring. It attracts thousands to the blooming Cherry Esplanade.
  1. Prospect Park: This beautiful park has man-made wetlands and trees, and is designed by the same architects who designed New York’s Central Park: Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux. It’s got attractions that draw tons of visitors for the heaps of recreational activities to participate in.
  1. Coney Island: Visit the famous Coney Island – a popular summer destination found at the south tip of Brooklyn. You need an entire day for this massive attraction, but find a fabulous Brooklyn hotel with pool here, then you don’t have to miss a thing. Because there is still the beach! There’s an annual Mermaid Parade where fans come dress in costumes in celebration of the water nymphs. 
  1. Barclays Center: The Barclays Center takes center stage in downtown Brooklyn. Stay in an accommodating downtown Brooklyn hotel when you visit this center for your favorite games, concerts, and shows which can accommodate 19,000 visitors.

Some restaurants are like coming home venues

When visiting the Big Apple or surrounds, Brooklyn is the place to stay – there you will find hotels are cheaper, with magnificent views of Manhattan. Have you come to Brooklyn for a wedding and you simply must have the best Brooklyn restaurant wedding? There are heaps of fantastic neighborhoods and venues for a wedding venue, it’s not that you will find it difficult to find one. In fact, many couples choose a popular Bay Ridge Brooklyn restaurant because it has above-average restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and parks – ideal for a wedding! Just talking of restaurants though, ones that make you feel like you have come home and want to visit over and over again are the Carnival Brooklyn RestaurantAnother sought after restaurant is the Hello Brooklyn restaurant in Williamsburg. 

Being in Brooklyn is like opening a Christmas present – full of hope and expectations!

Brooklyn, NY, has so many exciting layers that you have to peel off to get down to the real Brooklyn. At the heart of Brooklyn is warmth, friendliness, exciting vibes, and magical pleasures at this wonderful borough. It’s no wonder Neil Diamond, who was born in Brooklyn, wrote and sang about Brooklyn, calling his song “Brooklyn Roads” – his beloved Brooklyn, where he spent his childhood. George Gershwin, the famous composer was also born in Brooklyn. Another famous person who was born in Brooklyn is Judge Judy Scheindlin, full of attitude like the place she was born in – Brooklyn! Brooklyn; Kings County [4], with its long and flowery history – is definitely a place worth discovering.

“Poor thing. To die and never see Brooklyn.”






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